So I just wanted to better keep track on the money I have ‚invested‘ in Bitcoin, aswell as tracking my transactions.

Sadly the wallets I know are not perfect in doing this by themselves, Coinbase for example shows in the Android App only the BTC value of a transaction which is a) not comfortable and b) doesn’t tell me in the future how much money in Euro I spent at this time, since the exchange rate might have changed.

Blockchain is a bit better, it logs ‚value then‘ but right now this is quite buggy apparently because it says something like ‚value then: USD 0.0124 BTC‘ …


That’s why I started tracking my Bitcoins in Google Sheets; and I insert the Date, the Euro- and the Bitcon value for each transaction.


How to retrieve and use the current Bitcoin exchange rate in Google Sheets?

It’s pretty easy. Because Google Sheets is cool, you’re able to assign Http Responses to a cell. 😉

=regexextract(index(importdata(„“),2,1), CONCATENATE(CHAR(34), „last“, CHAR(34), „: (.*),“))+0

This command queries the api of and gets the course BTC to EUR.