I like working with parent- und childpages, since it holds a better overview in your backend, aswell pushes SEO, by defining dependencies between your pages.

Many WordPress Themes are using Breadcrumbs as a kind of Navigation and overview for the page visitor. These Breadcrumbs rarely link to parent pages, so I found a way to make a Breadcrumb appear like this:









I edited the file theme/includes/breadcrumbs.php of my ElegantTheme Foxy – I don’t know whether this will work with other themes as good as with ET Themes.




Locate the line looking familar to this:

This adds the Home-link aswell as a little arrow between the different links in our Breadcrumb (.raquo).

After this line the ET Breadcrumb should look like this: Home > 

Now we want to add the parent page link. BUT… of course we want to link it only then, when there is one 😉

If there is one – let’s detect it’s name and permalink:

Next just add a link to the Breadrcrumb and finally also the next arrow (the one between parent- and childpage):



That’s it! Now we made our ElegantThemes Breadcrumbs showing Parent Pages!


Leave your comment if you need any further help 😉